2020 Cardiovascular Challenge!

COMPETE WITH YOUR FEET – Join the ASEF Cardiovascular Challenge at ASE 2020

Even though the Scientific Sessions is virtual, ASEF is still hosting the very popular CV Challenge. Sponsored by Lantheus Medical Imaging, Inc., and Ultromics Ltd., this challenge is our way of encouraging you to take breaks away from your computer. Avoid burnout and fatigue by getting up and moving!

New this year – we’re looking for volunteers to pledge donations based on the total number of steps taken by all participants. For example let’s say I pledge $100 for 50,000 steps. ASEF staff will keep track of the steps taken by all participants and once the total hits 50,000, I donate $100. Easy right? Contact Foundation@ASEcho.org to make a pledge.

Here’s how the challenge will work:

    1. Sign up to participate by filling out this form.

    2. Beginning August 8, track your steps with whatever device you have (pedometer, smart watch, phone, etc.)

    3. August 9, send a picture of your step total for August 8 to Foundation@ASEcho.org.

    4. August 10, send a picture of your step total for August 9.

    5. The competition will run through 3pm EDT August 10. Submit your step totals for August 10 by 3pm EDT

The top 3 steppers will be announced on social media by 6pm EDT Monday, August 10 and will be featured in an upcoming ASEF Newsletter.