Global Health Initiatives and Humanitarian Events


Global Missions

Through our global health initiatives and humanitarian events program, the ASE Foundation brings adult and pediatric cardiac care to areas in need, teaching local clinicians and providing direct patient services to at-risk communities. Being on the ground in many areas of the world has immeasurable benefits to the field: stimulating global connections between health care providers; advancing population health research through data collection; teaching local professionals enhanced techniques and skills; fostering dialogue with engineers and manufacturers on field tests in remote conditions; and, ultimately, providing quality diagnostic cardiac care to the underserved.

CubaApril 2017

China – September 2016

Kenya – September 2016

Philippines – July 2016

Vietnam – August 2015

Argentina – August 2015

The VALUES Program in India – August 2014

Focus on Vietnam – April 2013

Focus on India – January 2012 & December 2012

U.S.-Based Missions

U.S.-based humanitarian missions and educational outreach projects bring expert cardiologists and cardiovascular sonographers to populations in need not only to diagnose, but also to teach local professionals improved techniques and skills. ASE Foundation funding in this area helps drive ASE’s ongoing mission to serve its members and the larger community of health care providers and patients for whom cardiovascular ultrasound is essential.

Care Harbor Clinic/LA – September 2014

Mission Proposals & Volunteers

The ASE Foundation is now accepting proposals for its 2018 and 2019 program. If you have a connection with an underserved population and would like to propose an event, please review the proposal application here.

Our past success is wholly due to the vision and commitment of the team leaders and volunteers who have been building the Foundation’s program since 2012. We can’t wait to see where your passion will take us in the future! Thank you for helping us make a world of difference.