Donate Your Honoraria


Are you interested in donating your honoraria from a project you a completing with the ASE? If so, please let us know! It is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Coordinate with Christina LaFuria, ASE’s Associate Manager of Education & CME, that you want to donate your honoraria.

2. Select from one of the Foundation’s initiative areas to allocate your gift and we handle the paperwork for you.

3. The funds are allocated, all paperwork is processed on your behalf, and you receive an emailed receipt.


Are you interested in donating honoraria from outside speaking engagements? The process is very simple!

1. Decide that you would like to donate your honoraria to ASEF.

2. Inform the company you are working with to contact or call 949-861-5574 to speak to the Foundation.

3. The company engaging the speaker coordinates directly with ASEF, we fill out all necessary forms and paperwork, and the donation is processed directly to the Foundation on your behalf. Credit is then allocated to the donor and a receipt is emailed the same way as if the honoraria was processed in-house.