Annual Appeal Donors

The ASE Foundation proudly recognizes and thanks the following individuals for their leadership and support of the 2016 Annual Appeal. Together, we can make a world of difference!

**Denotes an ASE Foundation Sustainer

This list reflects donations made to the 2016 Annual Appeal between 1/1/2016 and 11/30/2016. We strive to be accurate and complete, but errors occasionally occur. Your assistance in bringing any inaccuracies to our attention is greatly appreciated.

Lead Investor
(Physicians $2,000+, All others $1,000+)
David Adams, ACS, RCS, RDCS, FASE
Jose Banchs, MD, FASE**
Merri Bremer, EdD, RN, RDCS, ACS, FASE
Keith Collins, MS, RDCS, FASE
Deborah Creighton, RDCS, RVT, FASE – In memory of my parents, Robert & Jean Creighton. So grateful for the awesome education they provided for me.
Stefanie Fry, MD, FASE
Edward Gill, MD, FASE
Rebecca Hahn, MD, FASE
James Kirkpatrick, MD, FASE
Allan Klein, MD, FASE
Peg Knoll, RDCS, RCS, FASE
Georgeanne Lammertin, MBA, RCS, RDCS, FASE
Stephen Little, MD, FASE
Joan Main, BS, RDCS, MBA, FASE**
Sunil Mankad, MD, FASE**
Fletcher Miller, Jr., MD, FASE
Navin Nanda, MD
Jae Oh, MD, FASE
Bharatbhushan Patel, RDCS, RVS, RDMS, FASE
Vera Rigolin, MD, FASE – In honor of Dr. Liwen Liu.
Geoffrey Rose, MD, FASE
Raymond Stainback, MD, FASE
Lissa Sugeng, MD, MPH, FASE**
Jamil Tajik, MD, FASE
Susan Wiegers, MD, FASE
Chinese American Heart Association (CnAHA)


Partner Investors
(Physicians $500+, All Others $250+)
Michelle Bierig, MPH, RDCS, FASE
Lori Blauwet, MD, FASE
Meryl Cohen, MD, FASE
Benjamin Eidem, MD, FASE
Dali Fan, MD, PhD, FASE
Peter Frommelt, MD, FASE
Aasha Gopal, MD, FASE
Richard Grimm, DO, FASE
Thomas Harris, RDCS - In memory of Rose Marie Harris. You gave to my world so lovingly.
Jeff Hill, BS, ACS, FASE
Rachel Hughes-Doichev, MD, FASE
Brenda Khadije
Christina LaFuria **
Howard Leong-Poi, MD, FASE
Anthony Magalski, MD, FASE
Carol Mitchell, PhD, RDMS, RDCS, RVT, RT(R), ACS, FASE
G. Wayne Moore, BSC, MBA, FASE
Sharon Mulvagh, MD, FASE
Bernhard Mumm
Alina Nicoara, MD, FASE
Charles Nyman, MBBCH
Roger On, MD
David Orsinelli, MD, FASE
Margaret Park, BS, ACS, RDCS, RVT, FASE
Ayan Patel, MD, FASE
Michael Picard, MD, FASE
Thomas Porter, MD, FASE
Judy Rosenbloom, RDCS, FASE
Breda Shernan
Stanton Shernan, MD, FASE
Nikolaos Skubas, MD, FASE
Neha Soni-Patel, BS, RDCS, FASE
Madhav Swaminathan, MD, FASE
Binisha Thakkar - In memory of Shil Patel.
James Thomas, MD, FASE
John Toptine, ACS, RCS, RDCS, FASE
Andrea Van Hoever
Mary Waiss, RDCS, BS, FASE
Kevin Wei, MD, FASE
Robin Wiegerink, MNPL
David Wiener, MD, FASE
Ren Zhang, MD
Karen Zimmerman, BS, ACS, RDCS, RVT, FASE


Associate Investors
(All $50+)
Amna Kuna Abdelkarim, RDCS
Theodore Abraham, MD, FASE
Cyril Abrams – In honor of Dosher Memorial Hospital, Southport, NC.
Alphonse Ambrosia
Jayashri Aragam, MD, FASE
Janine Arruda, MD
Jeffrey Astbury, MD, FASE
Farah Atallah-Lajam
Kimberly Ayers, RDCS
George Barbier, MD, FASE
Harald Becher, MD, PhD
Judith Becker, MD
Tess (Talitha) Behrends, RVT, RDCS (AE/PE), FASE
Daniel Blanchard, MD, FASE
Alvin Stephen Blaustein, MD
Joan Briller, MD, FASE
Colleen Cailes
Elena Castillo
Stacy Cheetham, MPA
Jan Claessens, MD
Jayne Cleve, RDCS
Frederick Cobey, MD, FASE
Frederman Concepcion, MD
Timothy Cordes, MD
Elizabeth Crawford, RDCS (AE/PE/FE), FASE
Anthony DeMaria, MD, FASE
Sibel Enar, MD, FASE
Maryam Esmaeilzadeh, MD, FASE
Harvey Feigenbaum, MD, FASE
Luiz Ferlante, MD
David Forst, MD, FASE
Lenora Frey, RDCS, CCT, RCT
Audrey Gardner
Anthony Gargiulo, RDCS, FASE
Volker Gerling, MD
Jose de Jesus Gonzalez-Fernandez
Robi Goswami, MD, FASE
Jose Luis Gutierrez-Bernal, MD
Pedro Gutierrez-Fajardo, MD, PhD, FASE
Zina Hajduczok, MD
Gunnar Hansen
Allison Hays, MD, FASE
James Heinsimer, MD
Stephen Heitner, MD, FASE
Lanqi Hua, RDCS, FASE
Geilan Ismail, HCMBA, MD
Esther Kim, MD, MPH, RPVI, FASE
Kyle Klarich, MD, FASE
Roberto Lang, MD, FASE
Jennifer Liu, MD, FASE
Christopher Longnecker
Alan Mahrenholz, PhD
Kelly McGregor, RDCS
Amish Mehta, MD, FASE
Lawrence Melniker, MD, MS
John Menzies, MD
Cheryl Moore
Victor Mor-Avi, PhD, FASE
Jacobo Moreno Garijo
Rajesh Movva, MD
Monica Mukherjee, MD, FASE
Kaar Naff, RCS
Tasneem Naqvi, MD, FASE
Chandra Ojha
Sheela Pai Cole, MD
Colin Petko, MD, FASE
Cristina Pislaru
Sarah Plummer
Athena Poppas, MD, FASE
Harry Rakowski, MD, FASE
Bryan Ristow, MD, FASE
Brad Roberts, ACS, RCS, FASE
Anita Sadeghpour, MD, FASE
Thriveni Sanagala, MD, FASE
Marielle Scherrer-Crosbie, MD, PhD, FASE
Franklin Schneider, MD, FASE
James Seward, MD, FASE
Dipti Shah, RDCS, RVS
Robert Silverberg, MD
Aldona Siwinska, MD
Kirk Spencer, MD, FASE
Nicola Stanley
Robert Swift, MD
Karen Texter, MD
Wendy Tsang, MD
Lisa Webb
Arthur Weyman, MD, FASE
Edward Williams, MD
Kanoe Williams
Michael Wise
Austin Wong


Visionary Investors
(Physicians $1,000+, All others $500+)
Deborah Agler, RCS, RDCS, FASE
Devendra Amin, MD
Ford Ballantyne, III, MD
Mark Berry, DO, FASE
Hollie Carron, RDCS, FASE
Craig Fleishman, MD, FASE
Edward Gibbons, MD, FASE – In honor of Ned Weyman, for fellowship training followed by 30 years of exciting echo practice. Thanks.
Yvonne Gilliland, MD, FASE
Suzanne Golz, MS, RDCS – In honor of ASEF Kenya.
Sanjiv Kaul, MD, FASE
Steven Lester, MD, FASE
Jonathan Lindner, MD, FASE
Sherif Nagueh, MD, FASE
Joan Olson, BS, RDCS, RVT, FASE
Maryellen Orsinelli, RN, RDCS, FASE
Alan Pearlman, MD, FASE – In memory of Richard E. Kerber, MD, FASE, a valued colleague, a good friend, and an even better person.
Patricia Pellikka, MD, FASE
Julio Perez, MD, FASE – In honor of Dr. Jose Banchs, Houston, TX.
Sue Phillip, RCS, FASE
Michael Puchalski, MD, FASE
Miguel Quinones, MD, FASE
Peter Rahko, MD, FASE
David Rubenson, MD, FASE
Thomas Ryan, MD, FASE
Elaine Shea, ACS, RCS, RCCS, FASE
Douglas Shook, MD, FASE
William Stewart, MD, FASE
G. Monet Strachan, RDCS, FASE
Cynthia Taub, MD, FASE
Melissa Wasserman, RDCS, RCCS, FASE**
Neil Weissman, MD, FASE 

Advocate Investors
(Physicians $250+, All others $100+)
Carolyn Altman, MD, FASE
Clara Angulo, BS, RDCS, RCS, FASE
Federico Asch, MD, FASE
Piers Barker, MD, FASE
Holly Bazarnick, RDCS
Michael Brook, MD, FASE
Benjamin Byrd, III, MD, FASE
Barry Canaday, MS, RN, RDCS, RCS, FASE
Anuj Desai
Holly Diglio, RCS, FASE
Mary Alice Dilday** – In memory of Dr. Richard Kerber.
Gregory Ensing, MD, FASE
Brian Fey, BA, RDCS, FASE
Alan Finley, MD, FASE
Craig Fleishman, MD, FASE
Steven Goldstein, MD, FASE
Beverly Gorman, RDCS**
Aileen Houghton
Judy Hung, MD, FASE
Mary Etta King, MD, FASE
Smadar Kort, MD, FASE
John Kovalchin, MD, FASE
Joe Kreeger, ACS, RCCS, RDCS, FASE
Wyman Lai, MD, MPH, FASE
Hilary Lamb, MPA
Melissa Layman
Bernardo Lombo
Leo Lopez, MD, FASE
G. Burkhard Mackensen, MD, PhD, FASE
Michael Main, MD, FASE
Brian Malm, MD
Judy Mangion, MD, FASE
Jane Marshall, BS, RDCS, FASE
Randolph Martin, MD, FASE
Michael Mastela, MSEE
Debbie Meyer
Douglas Misch**
Anita Moon-Grady, MD, FASE
Kathleen Munson, RDCS, RVT, RDMS, NT – In honor of Vivian R. Munson & Marian Balsiger. Beloved mother and grandmother who had no money to fight their cardiac disease.
Raymond Musarra, RDCS, RCS, FASE**
Matthew Parker, MD
Ankitkumar Patel
Daxa Patel
Hina Patel
Riti Patel, MD, FASE – In honor of Urmila Patel.
Andy Pellett, PhD, RCS, RDCS, FASE
Angie Porter
Muhammad Raza
Bernadette Richards, RDCS, FASE
Diana Rinkevich, MD
Jack Rychik, MD
Angela Saca, RVT, RCS
Stephen Sawada, MD
Gregory Scalia, MBBS, FASE
Veronica Schmer, MD
Partho Sengupta, MBBS, MD, DM, FASE
Timothy Slesnick, MD, FASE
Roman Sniecinski, MD, FASE
Shubhika Srivastava, MD, FASE
Rekha Tailor
Mark Taylor, MD, FASE
Dongngan Truong
Thomas Van Houten, MPH, RDCS, FASE
Carol Wilson, RDCS, FASE
Tom Wolk
Luciana Young, MD, FASE
Jian Zhang